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Providing landscape materials & forestry products in WNC, offering nationwide freight shipping on many of our products.

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We specialize in supplying landscape materials and forestry products in Western North Carolina, with the added convenience of nationwide freight shipping available for many of our items.

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Equipment for Small to Medium Scale Low Impact Logging operations

Range Road is an established supplier of firewood processors and accessories. We have been selling our processing equipment since 2011.

The Giant loader

Giant loaders, the titans of the construction and mining world, are awe-inspiring machines that command attention with their immense size and strength. These colossal beasts are specifically designed to tackle the most demanding tasks with ease. Equipped with robust hydraulic arms and towering structures, they possess the ability to lift and transport colossal loads effortlessly. Whether it’s moving mountains of earth, gravel, or other materials, these behemoths are the backbone of large-scale construction projects and mining operations. With advanced features such as cutting-edge control systems, improved fuel efficiency, and operator comfort, these giant loaders are not only powerhouses of productivity but also symbols of engineering excellence. They embody the indomitable spirit of human ingenuity, shaping the landscape and reshaping industries with their raw power and unparalleled capabilities.

Range Road Equipments

Range road equipment refers to a diverse array of tools and machinery specifically designed for use in remote and rugged environments. These equipment are essential for various industries, including agriculture, forestry, mining, and oil exploration. Range road equipment encompasses a wide range of vehicles and attachments, such as rugged off-road trucks, tractors, excavators, and attachments like snow plows, brush cutters, and grapples. These robust machines are built to withstand harsh conditions and challenging terrains, enabling operators to navigate through rough landscapes and access remote areas with ease. Whether it’s clearing vegetation, moving heavy materials, or maintaining roads, range road equipment is indispensable for ensuring efficient operations and facilitating access to remote locations. Their durability, versatility, and specialized features make them invaluable assets for industries operating in challenging and demanding environments.



Located on Highlands Road in the Cullasaja community in Franklin NC, specializing in stones, rocks, and boulders from the great Smokey Mountains.
Providing outstanding service to the local community is our backbone, prompt deliveries. fair pricing and commitment to quality is our focus. Our service is not limited to our community, wholesales with nationwide delivery is available. Contact us, and let us earn your business.


Firewood for Western North Carolina Cullasaja Landscape Supply –  33 Jake Drive – Franklin, NC 28734

Firewood available for sale – We deliver or you can come pick up

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